H-1B Regular Processing Update

Over the last few days we have received receipt notices for a large number of our regular processing H-1B cases. Based on our numbers, it appears that USCIS is moving at a faster pace in issuing receipt notices for regular processing cases than last year. Last year we started receiving notices on regular processing cases beginning and through the month of May, with those petitions not selected in the lottery being returned to us through the month of June. Thankfully, almost all of our re-filers (those who were not selected in the Lottery last year) have been lucky enough to be receipted and selected in this year’s lottery.

It certainly appears that USCIS was prepared for the larger number of applications it received this year, and is working more efficiently to let those know if they were selected in the lottery in a more timely manner. This is welcome as the wait can often be excruciating for beneficiaries who are eager to find out if they have been selected in the lottery or not. While we can’t be sure how long they will take to adjudicate regular processing petitions this year, at least they are off to a solid start. For those who chose the premium processing option, USCIS should make a decision or request further evidence within 15 days of the receipt notice date.